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SALTability, Where Intentional Wellness Meets Sanctuary

Nested in the heart of Skippack Village, our mission is to provide a nurturing space for your journey of rejuvenation, empowering you to discover and nurture your well-being.


We offer a variety of holistic services such as: full body massage, signature body scrub, reiki, reflexology, ionic foot detox, red light therapy and a Himalayan Salt Cave all designed to help you unwind, de-stress, and reconnect with your inner peace.

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Our Mission

We believe in kindness towards ourselves and others, honoring the energy within the universe to foster peace and empowerment for everyone who walks through our doors. 


Join us at SALTability Retreat and embark on a journey towards a healthy body, balanced mind, and peaceful soul, bringing aligned energy into your life.

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