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Why Float Therapy?

Float therapy is a therapeutic way to relive stress by disconnecting your senses from the outside world; particularly sight, touch, and hearing. Floating weightlessly in silence is a unique gateway to mindfulness, easing tension muscles while soothing anxiety. When the body reaches a deep level of relaxation, positive physical changes occur. As muscles relax, blood pressure drops, stress hormones are washed away, and feel-good endorphin output rises.

Benefits of Float Therapy

  • Mental Benefits of Float Therapy: For some people, casting off the bonds of gravity and the limits imposed by our senses may have impressive results on their minds, including enhanced creativity, with a keener, almost hallucinatory, awareness of imagined shapes and colors; tighter focus, with improved  concentration and better intellectual performances; and faster learning processes and less brain fog;

  • Physical Benefits of Float Therapy: The effects of flotation treatment on athletic performances have been well documented. Shown to decrease painful blood lactate levels after bouts of intensive exercise; better cardiovascular health, with lower blood pressure resulting from less stress and better sleep; less pain caused by tight muscles, tension headaches, and even whiplash-related discomfort;

  • Psychological Benefits of Float Therapy: An effective tool for fast psychological recovery after grueling athletic competitions, many floatation session clients report feelings of happiness, well-being, and even euphoria, while others mention spiritual insights, inner peace, and even a feeling of being born anew.

Water drops near a stack of stones

What to Expect

Our float pod water is warmed to outer skin temperature (around 93°F) and mixed with magnesium sulfate (more commonly known as Epsom salts). This common household item has been used for hundreds of years to treat ailments ranging from clogged pores to fibromyalgia.

The salt concentration in the float pod will make you naturally buoyant, similar to floating in the dead sea, regardless of body weight. As your body is released from the burden of gravity, your mind floats free as well, untethered by movement or noise. The depth of water the float pod is only a couple of inches deep, just enough to allow your body to float on the surface without touching the bottom.

After your float session, you will be greeted by your host and taken to a shower area to remove any excess salt from your body, please allow for an extra 15 min after your session.

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