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Ionic Detox Foot Bath: Eliminate toxins, clean your system & reset the bio energy of your body

Updated: Mar 7

What is it?

Detoxification is naturally performed in the human body by the liver, kidneys, and the skin. But with the excess of toxins in our environment, our body is overburdened with too many toxins and the natural detoxification process is inhibited. Detoxification is essential to fight chronic disease and improve overall health. (According to the CDC, many illnesses are related to pollutants and toxins in the environment, which enter and build up in the body) The Ionic Foot Bath is a specialized detoxification treatment that removes excess toxins and enhances the body’s natural ability to detoxify itself. The Ionic Foot Bath also helps to balance the body’s PH level and neutralizes free radicals that can cause damage to the body cells. Detoxifying the body can help to restore the natural balances of the cells of the body.

How does it work?

The Ionic Foot detox uses an electrode to create positively and negatively charged ions in the water which travel throughout the body throughout the body and stimulates the detoxification process. The ions gently draw out toxins through the reflex points of the feet. Throughout the cleanse, you will notice color changes in the water as toxins are being removed. The color and texture indicate which organs or body systems are releasing toxins. The water color ranges from yellow-green, orange, brown, black to dark green. You may also notice white foam or white cheese-like particles floating on the water’s surface, and/or black or red flecks resting at the bottom of the foot basin.

The Benefits

After an Ionic Foot detox, clients have seen increased energy levels, reduced inflammation, and improved immunity function. Individuals with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, or persistent fatigue may find relief from this treatment. Ionic footbaths are also beneficial for those suffering from skin conditions, fungal or yeast infection, and digestive issues.

Other benefits of Ionic Foot Detox Therapy include:

  • Digestive disorders

  • Rejuvenates and energizes your whole body

  • Relieves arthritis and joint pain

  • Aids in headache relief

  • Liver, kidney, and parasite cleansing

  • Increases recovery time of disease and injury

  • Helps relieve pain and tension

  • Enhanced mental relaxation

  • Reduces brain fog • Improve sleep

  • Removes heavy metals

  • Assists in weight loss

  • Enhances nutrient absorption

  • Slows down aging

  • Improves body flexibility

  • Balances and boosts immune system

Even though you may feel relief, these treatments do not heal or cure conditions directly. The Ionic Foot Detox is only an aid in the healing process carried out by your immune system. As with any detoxification program, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated after your session.

Is it safe?

Side effects are very rare. However, some patients may experience mild nausea or dizziness after their treatment. You should always consult your health professional if you have any health conditions or take any medications.

There are a few instances where this treatment is not recommended. The Ionic Foot Detox should not be used by:

  • Any person with a Pacemaker or any other battery-operated or electrical implant

  • Any person taking heartbeat regulating medication or blood thinners

  • Pregnant or nursing women

  • Organ transplant recipients

  • Any person having an organ removed

  • Any person with open wounds on your feet

  • Any person undergoing chemotherapy

  • Type 1 diabetics must eat a meal 2 hours prior to session

How long is the session?

Each session is 20 minutes. After initial treatments, advanced detox clients can increase the session time to 40 minutes How often should I do the Ionic Foot Detox?

It is recommended that you follow a consistent schedule to get the best benefits from your Ionic Foot Detox. The frequency of your treatment will vary depending on your individual needs and health goals. It has been recommended that the average healthy adult undergoes 2 to 3 sessions per week for the first 10 sessions, followed by a maintenance program of 1 session every 7 to 10 days.

What should I expect during the Ionic Foot Detox?

You will sit in a chair with your feet immersed in warm water for 20 minutes. Afterwards, our Self-Care Specialists will rinse your feet and prepare you for additional therapies. To enhance your treatment, we suggest adding a reflexology treatment or a session on our PEMF Mat.

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